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Apex offers one-on-one LSAT tutoring, admissions advising, and law school guidance. Because each of our tutors is either a successful law student or practicing attorney, they have been where you are and know how to guide you along the right path, whether that be on the LSAT or through the murky law school admissions process and intimidating first year of law.

One-on-One Sessions
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Individualized LSAT Tutoring Tailored to You​

Click the link below to share your availability and contact information with our team. We will reach out directly to schedule your sessions.

Law School Guidance
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Law School Admissions Advising and First-Year Guidance

If you would like help navigating the law school admissions process or your first year of law school, please call, text, or email us for more information.

Group Programs
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Organizations looking to provide tutoring for their members can host custom group tutoring sessions or extended tutoring programs.

If your organization is interested in hosting tutoring sessions, please call or email

for more information.

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